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What parents and carers need to know about nurseries, childminders, schools and colleges until August 2020

What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term

Please see our updated risk assessment for all pupils returning to school on 3rd September 2020 below.


Principles of returning to school in September 2020:

Staggered start and end of the day.

Increased hand washing, hygiene and cleaning throughout school.

Children will not mix between classes.

Any adult or child with symptoms of COVID-19 must stay at home, get tested and phone school immediately.

Full school uniform must be worn.

1) All children are back to school on Thursday 3rd  September- you have a legal duty to ensure your child attends on time, everyday without fail. Penalty fines for not attending will start from 3rd September. (Try to get your child back into their routine bedtime and waking routine from the last week in August!!!) If your child is ill please phone to contact school in the usual way.

2) Every year group starts and finishes the school day at a different time.

You can drop at the time of the earliest pupil and pick up at the time of the latest pupil- so you are not waiting round- this does NOT apply to nursery pupils. 1 parent/ family member only to drop and pick up.

All adults attending site are to wear a mask- this includes when picking up and driopping children off at school.


Reception          8.20      3.00

Team 1               8.30      3.00     

Team 2                8.40       3.10    

Team 3                8.50       3.10     

Team 4                8.40        3.20     

Team 5                8.30        3.10    

Team 6               8.20         3.30     Club Monday and Tuesday pickup:   4.00

Please note to keep adults collecting children socially distant, we have 3 collection points: the main pedestrian entrance, the car park entrance and the Stepping Stones Entrance (Onslow Rd)

3) Breakfast club (from 7.45) will be available to working parents only at a charge of £2 per pupil per day- you cannot drop your child off unless you have paid in advance - this MUST be arranged with your child's class teacher with 2 days notice. Payment will be via Parent Pay.

4) Free Magic Breakfast Bagels will be available for every child in the morning. Please send your child with a snack from home for break time. KS1 will still be supplied with free fruit but this can be supplemented by a healthy snack from home. Morning snacks for all children MUST be healthy.

5) Children can bring a small bag from home containing their snack, packed lunch (if not having a school meal) and their reading book but nothing else from home should be brought in.

6) All families should try to walk to school to avoid traffic congestion and start the day with some exercise. Where this is not possible please park safely and do not hand round to chat with other parents at the start or end of the day. Social distancing between adults should be maintained at all times.

7) Public transport should be avoided by school children and parents where possible and face coverings should be used if avoidance is not possible.

8) We will support your child with mental wellbeing and to catch-up academically. Please continue to read everyday with your children as this will help them to catch-up immensely.

9) If you, your child or anyone in your family needs mental health support- we have contacts in school and can help you with this speedily.

10) Any children (or adults) who present with COVID-19 symptoms in school will be immediately isolated and sent home. So please make sure there is someone available to collect your child straight away if this occurs.

11) Any confirmed cases may mean that a whole class has to self-isolate for 14 days to ensure that the virus is contained and does not spread.

12) Children will be kept separate for break times and lunch times and there will be a one-way system for walking around school.

13) We are keen to maintain our close relationship with our families so please phone or email to speak with any school staff as parents and other adults will not be permitted on site.


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Main Contact: If you would like to contact someone at school for help with anything please ring and speak to Mrs S Jefferson or Mrs K Bickerton in the office

Tel: 01244 259 666

SEN Contact: Mrs E Cornish SENDCO - via

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