At J H Godwin sport and physical activity is very important to us all. This year 2018 we have been awarded Active Mark Gold for our efforts to encourage participation rates for all children. We work closely with Blacon High School to plan our PE curriculum and our year 6 class is taught PE  by high school PE specialists, using their facilities and equipment. We work closely with a number of extra-curricular providers to give our children access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities including fencing and street dance! Our school staff also work very hard to provide a wide range of opportunities and additional activities which include dodgeball, football, yoga and cooking to name just a few.

We encourage physical activity throughout the school day with active playtimes and dance on a Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes, cross country at lunch time and a huge range of both sporting and non-sporting clubs after school (see link below to see what is on offer this term).  We employ specialist teachers in fencing, street dance, basketball, gymnastics and football and encourage our pupils to take up sporting interests outside of school life. 

At J H Godwin, each class partakes in two hours of sport every week. In Key Stage 2 (years 3, 4, 5, 6) our children go swimming to ensure they leave in year 6 being able to swim at least one length. We take the teaching of water safety very seriously within the curriculum (alongside many other aspects of safety). Living by many canals and the River Dee, we teach all of our children how to stay safe around expanses of water and how to react safely if someone falls in.


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